A timepiece is a very personal choice and we believe that the personal interaction between us and our customers is essential to the experience of owning a Linde Werdelin.

With the Internet and numerous direct communication channels came the opportunity to revert to how traditional luxury was sold, namely out of one single location. Obviously, the location appropriate in this day and age is our website.

However, we appreciate that acquiring a luxury timepiece requires consideration and interaction. Since we launched our first series in 2006 we have built direct relationships with new and existing owners and that is what we do best.

We furthermore have a select group of regional retail partners whom we have worked closely with for many years and whom will provide you the best possible experience.

The Spido family was designed to optimally fuse weightlessness and strength. These properties lend themselves perfectly to high altitude pursuits where resistance to harsh and extreme conditions is paramount. The unique skeletonised case pushes the limits of case-making technology and like the spiderweb is a beauty to wonder at.

The Oktopus was created with the qualities of its namesake creature in mind: inspired by the diving world, it is able to submerge to great depths and adapt seamlessly to any environment. It features an innovative case construction, guaranteeing absolute water resistance and solidity – a testament to intuitive and intelligent design. Selective materials such as rose gold, ceramic and titanium have been implemented to ensure superb anti-corrosiveness.


One of the beautiful things of luxury watches and especially ours is that they never or rarely disappear – and good watches have staying power, are timeless and especially so when they are made in small limited editions.

In 2015 we were the first luxury watch brand to take ownership of all our previously produced watches and we continue to encourage the long term use and enjoyment of each of our watches and to link every seller with a buyer.

After all we know more about our watches than anyone else.