Much like the spider’s web, the Spido series is designed to be light as well as strong

These properties can-if needed- lend themselves perfectly to high altitude sports where resistance to harsh conditions is paramount. Their Skeletonised cases, which push the limits of case-making feasibility, considerably reducing their weight, thereby further improving overall performance.


The SpidoLite series was first conceived to pursue adventure Following a Mount Everest expedition after which mountaineers requested something just as durable, but lighter.

The SpidoLite series has pursued weight reduction holistically by reworking the case design to balance strength with lightness. Each SpidoLite seeks to find that balance, stripping away materials where a more efficient design can be found.

Crafted mainly in titanium to further reduce weight, yet have a robust structure making it fit for altitude sports. They are built with a custom made automatic movement at the heart, as well as an in-house designed rotor are revealed through the clear sapphire crystal case back.

SpidoLite Titanium – Arktis Blue

$ 10,428

SpidoLite Titanium – Summit Green

$ 10,428

SpidoLite Ripples

$ 16,387

SpidoLite Gold – 3D Movement

$ 27,560

SpidoLite 3DTP Carbon – 3D Movement

$ 17,878

SpidoLite Titanium – 3D Movement

$ 16,387

SpidoLite Black Gold

$ 11,173

SpidoLite Monochrome

$ 10,428

SpidoLite Carbon

$ 10,428

The SpidoSpeed series is a true 3-dimensional skeletonised experience, crafted and designed with inspirations originating from the racing car industry.

The SpidoSpeed is a chronograph timepiece constructed of a complex fully skeletonised case with weight reduction technology while maintaining a robust structure.

SpidoSpeed Arktis

$ 14,153

SpidoSpeed Gold – 3D Movement

$ 35,010

SpidoSpeed Titanium – 3D Movement

$ 19,367

SpidoSpeed Monochrome

$ 14,153

SpidoSpeed Carbon Green – 3D Movement

$ 16,387